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New Overwatch Animated Short Reveals Mei’s Origin Story

As promised earlier in the week, Blizzard released a new animated short for Overwatch today during its press briefing at Gamescom 2017.

“Rise and Shine” explores the origin story of Mei in a beautiful tale of friendship and determination. She wakes up nine years after her crew of scientists went into cryo-sleep at Ecopoint: Antarctica due to scarcity of resources. However, Mei is the only one who survived the hibernation in the end.

To make matters worse, the outpost is running low on power and she finds out that Overwatch disbanded during her sleep. Mei and her crew were originally tracking several anomalies across the ice-capped terrain. The collected data is extremely valuable and she realizes that it needs to be handed over into the right hands.

The animated film also reveals how Mei built her Endothermic Blaster out of necessity and spare parts lying around the station. Snowball, a robotic assistant and her friend, sacrifices its final battery life to help Mei finish the gadget. Do not fret though, since there is a happy ending around the corner.

Last year, the developer released “The Last Bastion” character short for Overwatch at Gamescom and it earned a Webby nomination. The quality of animation and story-telling is still unmatched when it comes to Blizzard.

Elsewhere, the ongoing convention in Germany saw the developer announce Junkertown as a new escort map for the game. We also heard about upcoming new adjustments to the next competitive season, as well as “interesting and sweet” changes for Mercy.

As a reminder, the current fifth competitive season of Overwatch is scheduled to conclude on August 28. The new season will then start on August 31. Make sure to rack up as many points as possible until then.