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Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Plot Will Have Supernatural Elements

You would think it couldn’t get any stranger after the original Life Is Strange went into time travel as a major game mechanic, but it seems like the Life is Strange: Before The Storm plot may be proving you wrong. The game’s story will apparently contain supernatural elements in it.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm is a prequel to the original Life Is Strange, this time starring Max’s friend Chloe Price as she goes on adventures around the town of Arcadia Bay with her friend Rachel Amber. While we don’t know much about the Life is Strange: Before The Storm plot, it will likely tie in to the various events that we came across in Life Is Strange.

These can range from Rachel’s relationship with the violent drug dealer Frank Bowers, to Rachel’s eventually disappearance and her death at the hands of Jefferson, the main antagonist of the first game who was killing various girls and posing them for sick photographs.

While there won’t be a time travel mechanic in this game, the fact that it’s still going to have some form of supernatural element to it shows that Deck Nine Games, the developers, are still going to be keeping in with the spirit of the game even if we don’t know what those supernatural elements are.

While we do know that some sort of crow will follow Chloe around the game (similar to the deer that Max kept seeing in the original Life Is Strange), the supernatural elements could be anything from seeing the future to ghosts to any other manner of things.

The original Life Is Strange, with part of its plot based on chaos theory (that a butterfly flapping its wings will lead to a tidal wave in Japan) also got things weird, such as snow falling before winter, whales beaching themselves, Max going back in time, and there being two moons in the sky near the endgame, culminating with a destructive tornado, all of which hinged on Max’s time powers.

To see how the Life is Strange: Before The Storm plot progresses, you’ll have to get the miniseries when it comes out on August 31 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.