Latest AMD RX Vega Price Update: Radeon RX Vega 64’s $499 MSRP Will Be Honored

AMD RX Vega price has been going up and we have no indication of why that has been the case. While there have been plenty of speculations regarding why this is the case there is little that is official. Now there is word regarding AMD RX Vega price and why retailers are selling GPUs at such high prices.

According to sources, the official AMD RX Vega price has not been changed and that AMD has been facing a shortage of supply. That is the reason why retailers are selling AMD RX Vega GPUs with drastic markups. The reason why AMD has been silent about the issue is that the company cannot enforce retailers as that would not be legal.

AMD can suggest prices and can provide incentives but cannot enforce pricing at which AMD RX Vega GPUs will be sold by retailers. According to WCCFtech:

Radeon RX Vega 64’s $499 MSRP will be honored on an ongoing basis in batches on select retailers, $599 price point should be naturally achieved by market forces.

The question here is, will you be able to get an AMD Vega GPU at the MSRP? The short answer is yes. You will be able to get one provided that you wait. How will that be achieved? According to sources, AMD will provide incentives to a couple of retailers to sell Vega GPUs at marketed MSRP. This means that while you will be able to get one, you will need to keep your eyes open.

Having that said, AMD is not backing away from the marketed MSRP and it seems that AMD cannot be held accountable for the high prices that retailers are charging for AMD Vega GPUs. This is not the official word from the company so you should take this information with a grain of salt.

Seeing how AMD cannot enforce retailers, it is highly unlikely that there will be an official statement from AMD but if this is indeed true then we will find out in the upcoming few days. There has been a lot of confusion regarding AMD RX Vega price but now we have some clarity.

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