Get a First Look at Super Mario Odyssey’s Luncheon Kingdom

Have you been waiting for a glimpse at Nintendo’s next Mario videogame? News come from Gamescom at Germany where we received Super¬†Mario Odyssey’s first gameplay video introduced by¬†Yoshiaki Koizumi, the game’s producer.

At Nintendo’s presentation Mr. Koizumi started the talk about Super Mario Odyssey stating that it’s basically created around traveling and it’s goal is to give players a new feeling of playing Super Mario. In the game Mario can fly from in his beautifuly presented ship named Odyssey directly to wherever in the globe he wants. We will of course see how the scenery changes from map to map to fit the culture of the given place Mario travels to.

Mario will have to investigate all these places to find Power Moons, the thing that fuels the Odyssey so that he can again fly to another world, something that Yoshiaki Koizumi states that needs a thourough exploration.

In this game Mario will have brand new moves and a special partner in the shape of a hat (which we can also see worn by Mr. Koizumi) who will provide the main character with special moves (for example taking control of enemies) as well as attacking the enemies from a safe distance.

The presentation video shows us footage of Mario’s trip to the Luncheon Kingdom, a brand new world based on food. This map is inspired by the Italian and Europian food culture in general and has bright colors and some funny food sceneries that will absolutely catch your eye.

Also don’t forget that Super Mario Odyssey will be one of the very few console games that deliver 60FPS, so the experience we will get playing the game will be something completely new for a Mario videogame.

Super Mario Odyssey will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch and will have its official release on October 27.