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Every Infinity Stone Explained for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Nearly a month before the release of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, we finally have information on every single one of the Infinity Stones in the game.

There are six in total and each of them features two unique applications in battle. The Infinity Surge ability is the default version of every stone and can be used at any time. The Infinity Storm ability empties the meter for a mega super move.

Power Gem (Purple)

  • Infinity Surge: It unleashes energy from the character, which throws the opponent back into the wall upon contact for further combo strings. It also destroys projectiles.
  • Infinity Storm: It increases damage for the entire team.

Mind Gem (Yellow)

  • Infinity Surge: It is essentially a command grab that stuns the opponent, even while blocking, when successfully executed.
  • Infinity Storm: It continuously regenerates the Hyper Combo Meter for the team to maximum. However, the regeneration is paused while using a level 3 attack.

Soul Gem (Orange)

  • Infinity Surge: It shoots an energy beam that leeches a bit of life from the opponent upon contact.
  • Infinity Storm: It revives a fallen teammate and puts both characters on the screen to attack at the same time.

Time Gem (Green)

  • Infinity Surge: It allows the character to dash through projectiles unharmed.
  • Infinity Storm: It removes recovery and increases speed on moves, as well as allowing custom combo attacks with easy links.

Space Gem (Blue)

  • Infinity Surge: It pulls the opponent towards the player.
  • Infinity Storm: It seals the opponent inside a box-shaped space, restricting movement.

Reality Gem (Red)

  • Infinity Surge: It shoots a slow projectile that homes in on the opponent, but disappates after a little while.
  • Infinity Storm: It changes each attack button to perform an elemental event on the screen. The opponent will be frozen, electrified, and burned during this sequence.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is scheduled to release on September 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It hopes to sell at least two million units worldwide.