AGON3 Gaming Monitor Revealed With 0.5 ms Response Time

AOC will release gaming monitors with 0.5 ms response time in 2018. They made this announcement at Gamescom 2017 that AGON3 will be the first ‘gaming monitor’ to feature 0.5 ms latency timings.

AGON3 has curved 27” screen with a AUO TN Panel, offers 2560 x 1440 resolution at 144 Hz refresh rate. It will support both G-Sync and FreeSync 2 with separate versions. AMD users will be happier because it will not only support HDR and a wider color gamut, but will also retail for 100 Euros less.

AGON3 Nvidia G-Sync version will not support HDR and because Nvidia’s minimum luminance requirement for HDR is 1000cd/m². AMD’s HDR standards are flexible and that’s why support the AU Optronics panel with 400cd/m2 peak luminance. Meaning every HDR is not the same.

AOC’s Afonso Clemente said that AGON3 will support a TN panel and picture quality is better than IPS. He believed that gamers don’t care about viewing angles and response time is what matters the most. It’s not quantum dot, you can’t put that on TN, but the quality was really reminiscent of quantum dot, he added.

G-Sync version of AGON3 will support up to 165Hz of refresh rate and 1440p resolution. The monitor has a premium finish with RGB lightings on the back. The 0.5ms response time will reduce the input lag significantly or not we will have to find that out when the product launches and people get to compare it side by side.

A general public opinion on online forum says that it is too expensive for the features its providing. People are generally dubious about TN panel and 144 Hz specifically. But opinions will always be there. Until the product officially launches we’ll have to wait and see if there’s any changes in the price tag or monitor components.

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