The Xbox One X Vertical Stand Can Be Bought Separate From The Console

If you’re one of those people that likes to have your console of choice propped up on its side, rather than horizontally, Gamescom might have just announced something for you. The Xbox One X vertical stand that was announced at the convention is selling out, but you can still buy it.

That is, you can still buy it separately. The stand, which would help you in propping up your Xbox One X on its side, is only apparently available as part of the Xbox One X’s Project Scorpio Bundle, which is already selling out as stated above. However, Microsoft executive Mike Ybarra has confirmed that the stand is being sold separately.

While there’s no real price for the stand yet, the fact that it’s not limited to people that buy a certain edition of the Xbox One X is good news for people that like to use their consoles while they’re propped up vertically. Putting a console vertically helps it to take up less space than it would if it’s put in its default horizontal orientation.

Microsoft had previously put out a stand for the Xbox One S, the slimmed-down version of the Xbox One, for the price of $14.99 (or pounds in the case of Eurogamer, where this story came from.) We can likely expect that the Xbox One X vertical stand can be bought for a similar price, unless they jack it up because of the greater price and power of the Xbox One.

The Xbox One X is supposed to be releasing in November of this year, so if you’re one of those people that want to buy it, but have missed the Project Scorpio Edition due to it being sold out, don’t fret if you play your consoles sideways; you can still pick up the Xbox One X vertical stand sometime at a later date.