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Xbox One S Will Be the Volume Seller this Season, Not Xbox One X: Microsoft

Xbox One X is Microsoft’s leading 4K gaming console but it isn’t expected to lead the sales this holiday season. According to Microsoft, Xbox One X is for the most hardcore Xbox fans who want the best possible versions of the games they play.

Mike Ybarra spoke during an interview and stated that Xbox One S is going to be their volume seller this season. Meanwhile, Xbox One X will be the premium model offering 4K gaming for $499 to a limited set of audience. The statement shows that Microsoft does not expect Xbox One X to sell as well as the Xbox One S.

For $249, Xbox One S is an enticing option as it capable of HDR gaming and it comes with a 4K blue-ray drive. Compared to rival PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S has much more to offer in terms of media functionality. But as far as games go, the lineup needs to be strengthened for both Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

Our volume seller will be Xbox One S – it’s $249, it’ll be the thing most people buy. X is designed for the hardcore gamer who wants to play the best versions of those games. When I look at the Xbox family I don’t feel like we have to come out with six new games just for X, it’ll play everything that’s come out, back compat will work on it, elements like that.

I don’t know if we’re still in the world of having to have big, exclusive titles just for one box, versus the promise that games you buy will work and look even better on X. It’s up to the user to choose. And for us, it’s more that choice element, rather than holding an exclusive and throwing it out with a console there.

Xbox One X is releasing in November and pre orders are now live.

Source: Eurogamer