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Video Leak Points to FIFA Street Mode in FIFA 18

It has been a little too long since we last saw FIFA Street on our consoles but no true lover of FIFA ever forgot it. Playing football outside of the stadiums, doing tricks and getting that “street” feeling was something fans appreciated about FIFA Street.

As a standalone title, it may not have had the glory it deserved and the future it should have but it might actually be back really soon. Rumors from Gamescom say that it may be back as a mode in FIFA 18, although something like that has not yet received an official response from the company, there is actual video evidence.

According to this video on Twitter by an attendant on this year’s Gamescom, we see a football videogame, presumably, FIFA Street played on EA’s testing area.

The guy filming states that this is actually FIFA Street and is a mode in FIFA 18. So, is it possible that FIFA Street is coming back this year? EA Sports have not yet confirmed nor denied it but the given video has already been seen all around the globe and made quite an impact.

EA Sports had it’s hands on the game for quite some time now and wanted to bring it back for the fans, although the creative director of FIFA 18, Mat Prior, during his interview by DreamTeamFC stated that “reviving” the game is one of EA Sports’ goals but denied that it would be possible to publish it this year. If that statement is a marketing trick or the game is not ready to be included in this year’s FIFA edition remains to be seen.

FIFA 18 also got a brand new trailer at Gamescom and is available for pre-order. The full game releases on September 29 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.