Shenmue III: Yu Suzuki Explains The Reason Behind Stiff Character Animations In The Latest Trailer

Shenmue III has been in development for quite some time and just recently the studio released a trailer for the game and fans didn’t like it because of the stiff animations. However, Yu Suzuki has explained that the animations showcased in Shenmue III trailer are temporary.

Speaking with Japanese website Game Watch, Yu Suzuki explained that all the data relating to the characters is temporary. He further explained why the character animations were so stiff in Shenmue III trailer. According to Suzuki, the team is yet to put facial expressions on the characters and that is why they look so stiff.

It seems that Ys Net released a trailer for Shenmue III with temporary data and character models without applying the facial animations. If the developer is right then we might be getting a better-looking game as the final product.

Also, Shenmue III has found a publisher. The game will be published by Deep Silver on both PC and PlayStation 4. According to Suzuki, he is very pleased with the partnership with Deep Silver.

I am very pleased to secure this global partnership with Deep Silver, which is comprised of incredible men and women who have a deep passion for bringing Japanese titles to the rest of the world. Throughout this process, Deep Silver has expressed a deep passion for Japanese games, the Shenmue franchise, and its fans–this gives me further confidence in Shenmue III and that we have found the best partner possible.

Also, a rumor has been making rounds on the internet that suggests Shenmue HD Remaster will be released this year. According to the report, Shenmue HD Remaster will include first 2 games in the series and will be released ahead of Shenmue 3, which itself might slip to 2018.

Shenmue III is an open-world action adventure game in development at YS Net and will launch sometime in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Game Watch