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Roccat Kone AI Mouse Revealed At Gamescom 2017

Roccat at Gamescom launched its first AI powered mouse called the Roccat Kone AI mouse. The smart customization gaming mouse has a 10-year-old legacy of providing extra features, powerful sensors, and innovation at its best. Roccat surveyed almost 30000 gamers and Kone-lovers to discuss size, shape and weight of the mouse. The outcome is a product that looks fascinating, falls under an $90 price tag.

Let’s talk about the cool features of the Roccat Kone AI mouse. First of all, it includes RGB intelligent lighting system which responds to the gaming activity and situation. The Owl-Eye optical sensor detects all movements accurately. The multi-color illumination is one of its kind and can easily be configured to respond to the RGB color settings of your entire PC setup.

Roccat Kone AI mouse is designed for medium to large handed gamers. Having a 10-year experience in the gaming mouse industry. Roccat ensures that this mouse gives the best experience of comfort, accuracy and value added features to the gamers.

The Owl-Eye sensor in Roccat Kone AIMO ensures accurate response time with dpi steps from 100 to 12000, although Roccat recommends a setting of 400-3000 dpi range as optimal. One of the big reasons the mouse is called AIMO is its AI feature.

Easy-Shift technology enables gamers to assign and reassign buttons with various range of functions including hot-keys, complex macros and duplicator commands. This will enable you to get the best out of your battles, rapidly and efficiently.

Roccat SWARM is a button assignment feature that has a convenient user interface for assigning macros and commands. Roccat Kone AIMO also offers 4D Titan Wheel with advance tilting. Tri-button Thumb zone with more variety to assign keys, 32-Bit ARM MCU + Onboard memory for macro storage and execution.

What do you think about this announcement of Roccat Kone AIMO on its 10 year anniversary at Gamescom? Do you believe it’s worth your money and games will benefit from it uniquely? Let us know in the comments below.