Quake Champions Errors, Crashes, Freezes, Black Screen, Server Errors, and Fixes

Quake Champions Errors and Workarounds Guide to help you fix some of the most commonly occurring errors, crashes, and other launch issues in the game.

Bethesda’s Quake Champions is now available on Steam’s Early Access. Although the game is technically free-to-play, if you want to play via Early Access and have all the champions, you need to purchase the game for $29.99 USD. As for the game’s free-to-play version, it will launch later. Prior to its arrival on Steam’ Early Access, the developers rolled out a number of fixes and improvements to provide Early Adopters with a decent playing experience.

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However, some of you might still experience some hiccups. While I am sure that developers are working hard to iron out some of these commonly occurring Quake Champions Errors, this guide should help you find some workarounds to fix these issues.

#1 – Quake Champions Errors – Steam Account Freeze
Some of you may have noticed that the game freezes when first loading. This only happens to players who previously linked their Bethesda.Net accounts on Steam. In order to fix the issue, simply close the game and re-launch it.

#2 – Quake Champions Errors – Black Screen after the Launch
Some of you may experience a black screen for a couple of seconds after launching the game followed by a crash. While not a permanent fix, some players have reported fixing it by heading to:


Once there, right-click ‘QuakeChampions.exe’, go to ‘Compatibility’, and select ‘Run as Administrator’.

#3 – Quake Champions Errors – Special Characters Error in Password
Those of you who have special characters – other than ‘!’ and ‘@’ – in your password will not be able to login with your Bethesda account. The developers are aware of the issue and will fix it later down the road. For the time being, changing your password is the only workaround.

#4 – Quake Champions Errors – Refresh Rate in Fullscreen Mode
Those of you who are not aware, Quake Champions is locked at 60 Hz in Fullscreen Mode. Those of you who are looking forward to experiencing the game on 120+ Hz need to play it on Borderless Fullscreen. Doing so, however, forces you to lose raw input.

#5 – Quake Champions Errors – Game Crashes after Launching
Some of you may be experiencing random crashes after launching the game. A possible workaround to run the game is by heading to the following directory:


Once there, you need to right-click ‘QuakeChampions.exe’, go to ‘Compatibility’ and select both ‘Run as Administrator’ and ‘Disable Full-screen Optimizations’. I hope that it will let you play the game.

This is currently all we have in our Quake Champions Errors and Workarounds Guide. We will continue to add more fixes and workarounds in days to come. Meanwhile, if none of these fixes worked for you, please leave a comment below and one of our community members might be able to help you.