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Overwatch’s Next Ranked Season Undergoes Major Changes

The upcoming sixth competitive season of Overwatch will see significant changes to the duration, skill rating, decay, and rewards.

In a new developer update video, game director Jeff Kaplan started off by announcing that the seasons will now last for two months instead of three. The decision is based on a recent finding that players play more at the beginning of a season and tend to fall off by the end. The shorter duration will ensure that everyone stays focused and takes their matches seriously.

Since the seasons have been shortened, adjustments must be made to competitive points. Players will now earn more on every victory. In addition, the developer is reducing skill rating decay by making it five mandatory games in a week from seven. Those who still fail to meet the required amount of games will lose 25 points instead of 50.

The placement matches are also receiving a slight tweak as well. In the current form, players are placed a little lower in rank in a new season than where they should have started off. This system has resulted in backlash as many players who achieved Diamond in one season placed in Platinum in the next. From the sixth season, players should find themselves being placed more appropriately in regard to their actual skill rating.

Lastly, the matchmaking for highly skilled players is being changed to ensure that each team has a fifty percent chance of winning. This probability was compromised previously to reduce wait times. The change, however, does mean that top-tier matches will take longer to find.

The current fifth competitive season of Overwatch is scheduled to conclude on August 28. The new season will then start on August 31.