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“Interesting and Sweet Changes” Teased for Mercy in Overwatch

Something significant is in the works for Mercy that will add more fun and diversity to her style of gameplay in Overwatch.

Speaking with former professional player and current full-time streamer Brandon “Seagull” Larned during a livestream from the Blizzard booth at Gamescom 2017, principal designer Scott Mercer teased that “interesting and sweet changes” are arriving for Mercy in the coming days. However, he chose to not add any details and promised that more would be revealed soon.

In her current state, Mercy relies too much on her ultimate ability. That is not a bad thing as it revives fallen teammates to head back into battle. However, professional players have frequently complained that Mercy is too one-dimensional in gameplay. She requires less skill in comparison to other heroes on the roster and is a bit monotonous to play most of the times. The community hopes to see Blizzard add more value to Mercy so that she can do more than simply follow allies around the map. Apparently, the developer will be checking that off the wishlist soon.

An expected timeline for the upcoming adjustment has not been mentioned. However, it is possible that the developer is waiting to be done with the next patch before announcing the changes for Mercy.

Elsewhere, game director Jeff Kaplan has announced that the upcoming sixth competitive season of Overwatch will last for two months instead of three. In addition, players will earn more points than before and must play lesser games than before to avoid decay to their skill rating.

Overwatch is scheduled to receive two new maps in the coming weeks. Château Guillard was already announced earlier this month, but yesterday saw the developer unveiling Junkertown.