Finn Balor Discusses Incredibly Realistic WWE 2K18 Animations And Character Design

Video games are becoming more and more realistic these days and to the point where some people have actually started mistaking them for real life events. The person being discussed in this example is none other than Finn Balor, the WWE 2K18 Superstar also know as the Demon King.

In a recent interview, Finn talked about the incredibly realistic animations and visual quality of WWE 2K18, which actually led him to believe that the gameplay footage he was watching was actually from a real life match, which is a testament to how much work has been in put in by Visual Concepts and 2K Games.

Finn Balor also shed some more light onto his own foray into gaming and how he prefers handhelds like Nintendo Switch over traditional consoles as they allow him to play his favorite games like Tetris on the go without having to worry about a lot of other things.

Thankfully, Finn will be able to play WWE 2K18 on the go as a Nintendo Switch version of the game is also in development, However, given the console’s potential, this handheld version of the game can only support a maximum of 6 characters on-screen at the same time.

2K Games also recently revealed that Dwayne Johnson, known in the wrestling circuits as The Rock, would be serving as the Executive Soundtrack Producer for WWE 2K18 which allows him to pick up the soundtracks for the game. From the list of soundtracks released so far, The Rock’s selection is actually pretty nice and fitting.

WWE 2K18 is currently scheduled for an October 17th release on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. While the game’s full character roster isn’t available yet, 2K did release a small list of characters which will be playable. Those who pre order the game will also get exclusive access to two different versions of Kurt Angle.