Final Infinity Stone Revealed for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Revives Teammates

A new trailer was released earlier today for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite that shows some of the recently announced characters in action. In addition to their respective moves and combo strings, the footage also revealed the last Infinity Stone in the game.

The Soul Stone (orange) allows a player to steal bits of life from the opponent and add it to their own health bar. The Infinity Surge attack has significant range and drains a large chunk of health from the opponent to recover all forms of health. Once the Infinity Storm attack is fully charged, it can be used to resurrect a downed teammate with about 20 percent health.

Characters brought back to life will stay alive even after the Infinity Storm has subsided, unless they are taken down again by the opponent. However, the immense power of the Soul Stone is in the fact that revived characters will be put on the screen alongside the current selected one. This means that players will be able to attack with two characters at once, resulting in all sorts of madness that the opponent must deal with.

However, a word of caution. Activating the Infinity Storm will leave the incoming player in a vulnerable state. Rash usage may result in the opponent to capitalize and hit both characters simultaneously.

Capcom is yet to officially announce the last Infinity Stone. The aforementioned details arrive courtesy of Maximilian Dood, who was invited by the developer earlier on to get some hands-on time with the final complete roster of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. He is also currently present at Gamescom 2017, from where he will be discussing some of the latest content throughout the week.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is scheduled to release on September 19 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It hopes to sell at least two million units worldwide.