Dontnod Entertainment Working On A New IP In Partnership With Bandai Namco

Dontnod Entertainment is known for developing Life Is Strange and the studio is also working on Life Is Strange 2, however, the studio is also working on a new IP in partnership with Bandai Namco Entertainment.

No release date has been announced for the title but, more details about the game will be revealed in 2018. The game will take place in a fictional US city and will include “a fair dose of investigation” and the game has been in production since 2016.

According to Dotnod, the story is still being finalized for the new IP but, it won’t affect the studio’s ongoing work on Life Is Strange 2 as the game is being developed by a separate team.

According to VP of marketing at Bandai Namco, Hervé Hoerdt, the company wants its 50% of the business to be new IPs which started with Little Nightmares, and now they are very happy to partner with Dontnod Entertainment.

We want [new IPs] to make up 50 per cent of our business, and we’re achieving this by developing long-term partnerships with a few studio. The first visible part of this was Little Nightmares, and we’ve been extremely happy [with it], but this is only the start of something. We also recently released Get Even, and now we’re very happy to partner with Dontnod.

He further added that the game’s location will be the key to attract a wider audience saying that “It will be located in a fictional place in the US because we think that today, to establish a new brand with a western audience, it helps to win with the US market, so part of the choice [in setting] is having this global worldwide audience in mind.”

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Source: MCVUK