AMD Radeon RX Vega Supply Shortage Is To Be Blamed On Hollywood Not Miners

Radeon RX Vega GPUs sold out as soon as they hit the market and initial rumors claimed that the Radeon RX Vega GPUs were 3 times better than the GTX 1080 Ti when it came to mining. While this was false, people thought that miners had snagged up all the Radeon RX Vega GPUs that hit the market and that miners were the cause of the shortage.

It seems that miners are not the reason why Radeon RX Vega GPUs are short in supply. According to new reports, Radeon RX Vega GPUs are great for rendering and we have already seen AMD’s 4K / 8K rendering solutions that are powered by Vega. These rendering solutions are much cheaper as compared to what Intel and Nvidia have to offer.

Having that said, you can understand why Hollywood not only wants but needs Radeon RX Vega based rendering systems, not just today but in the future as well. Project 47 is one of the high-end machines that are powered by numerous AMD RX Vega GPUs. It can provide 1 PetaFlops of computing performance. That is a lot of power from a single system.

Coming back to rendering AMD has introduced the RS1 that features 2 AMD EPYC CPUs and up to 4 AMD RX Vega or Radeon Pro SSG cards. These machines are capable of providing Hollywood the production power that it needs and AMD will be selling or leasing these systems out. AMD Studio will also be getting one of these machines soon.

AMD Studio will be getting a Project 47 server that will feature 20 EPYC CPUs and 18 Vega GPUs. You can only imagine the level of power the machine will be able to deliver. This is very interesting indeed.

Let us know what you think about the Radeon RX Vega supply and whether or not you still blame miners for the supply shortage.