Ubisoft And Blue Byte Announce Anno 1800 Set For A Winter 2018 Release

Ubisoft has officially announced Anno 1800, bringing the city building franchise back to earth and this time with a historical setting instead of the futuristic one of Anno 2205, putting players during a time of industrialization and rise of empires.

The Anno 1800 reveal was made during Gamescom and like a lot of other announcements, not a whole lot of details have been provided so far besides a release window of winter 2018. Ubisoft also shared a trailer for the game giving fans a taste of what they can expect from the Anno 1800 timeline.

The description released reads:

Anno 1800 brings players to the dawn of the industrial age, a time of industrialisation, diplomacy and discovery. Players will have the chance to prove their skills as a ruler, as they create huge metropolises, plan efficient logistic networks, explore and settle new lands and dominate their opponents by diplomacy, trade or warfare.

Anno 1800 combines the best of what the franchise can offer: a rich city-building experience, including a story-based campaign, a highly customisable sandbox mode and the classic Anno multiplayer experience.

While Blue Byte will be developing the game like all the other titles in Ubisoft’s franchise, they will be assisted by a community site by the name of Anno Union where fans can vote on features they would like to see in the game, similar to what was previously done for Might & Magic Heroes 7.

The Anno franchise started off in 1998 involving city building and simulation elements. Since then, there have been a number of titles and expansions in the series set in different locations and timelines including the most recent one, Anno 2205, which was released in 2015. It is unclear what platforms will Anno 1800 launch on but some of the previous games have been PC exclusives.