Nintendo Is Launching A Wave Of Free Splatoon 2 Content Starting Tomorrow

Nintendo has announced more free content for their popular squid shooter Splatoon 2 which will be heading to the game starting this week. The announcement was made during Gamescom by Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami.

Among the new content heading to the game, for free, is a new map by the name of Manta Maria. Some recently datamined information from the game also hinted at a number of new maps for all game modes but it seems like Manta Maria wasn’t in the list or was under some other name. Players will be able to fight on this new map in Turf War and Ranked Battles as soon as the map is available on 26th August.

Just another week after that, Nintendo will be dropping more free content to Splatoon 2 players in the form of Bubble Blower as part of the Forge Splattershot Pro set of weapons. Those interested in Salmon Run will not be left behind as a new Salmon Run stage, Lost Outpost will be available starting tomorrow.

For players who are still on the fence about the quality of the free content before they buy the game, Nintendo’s European YouTube channel will be livestreaming the Lost Outpost map tomorrow, prior to the map’s release for all players.

Splatoon 2 is currently available exclusively on Nintendo Switch and puts players in the shoes of young squids who can transform into humans and fight other squids in a battle of paints. While the original game was an amazing title for the Wii U, many people have felt that the sequel pretty much does the exact same thing on a different platform without much innovation.

Despite that, Splatoon 2 launched to favorable reviews, although the game hasn’t had a smooth launch at all. Even though Nintendo intended to put a bigger eSports focus on the game with the ranked mode, simply checking the League Records could cause game to crash for many players.