New Need For Speed Payback Trailer Shows 2018 BMW M5, Lots Of Cops

A new Need For Speed Payback trailer that was shown at Gamescom today shows off one of the many new cars you’ll be able to drive in the game, the 2018 BMW M5. And we get to see a lot of it too, as one of the game’s protagonists escapes the police.

The trailer starts off at a recently-won street race that’s interrupted by the police. Our protagonist pulls some pretty slick moves avoiding them, such as weaving through a roadblock before it can be completely closed, dodging a spike strip, and driving backwards through a huge horde of cop cars.

However, after his car is somehow short-circuited by a device on a car, a huge armored van known as a Rhino starts coming at him, which starts chasing him again as he’s able to get his car started and punch it into reverse.

The 2018 BMW M5 isn’t the only car that we’re going to be driving in the game, either. One major part of the game’s car lineup will be wrecked cars that you pick up from the desert around Fortune City, which will get you some pretty slick rides. However, as the trailer shows, you’ll also likely be picking up some other cars that aren’t as old.

In addition to the new Need For Speed Payback trailer, which you can watch above, EA also released a number of screenshots for the game, which gives us some good shots at parts of the trailer, and shows us everything from squad cars to the Rhino.

Need For Speed Payback is supposed to be releasing on November 10 of this year on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and if you want to take a look at the various screenshots for yourself to get better looks at some of the trailer’s best moments, just look further up the article.