Rumor: New Google Chromebook Pixel To Be Released With Pixel 2 Family This Fall

There have been many rumors about the Google Pixel 2 coming out but now there are new rumors regarding the new Google Chromebook Pixel. Word has it that Google will launch the Google Chromebook Pixel along with the Google Pixel 2 smartphones this fall. This means that we could get the next Google Chromebook Pixel before the end of the year.

The Google Chromebook Pixel will feature the latest Intel CPU and come in 8GB and 16GB RAM configurations. The Chromebook is also rumored to run a new platform called Andromeda. According to reports the Chromebook will be 10mm thick and will come with an optional stylus which indicates that there will be a touchscreen display option.

The new mobile CPUs are supposed to be 40% better than the previous generation CPUs. This means that the upcoming Google Chromebook Pixel could be even better. These are rumors, for now, so you should take all this information with a grain of salt.

We also got reports of Microsoft introducing new Surface products with the new Coffee Lake CPUs. If that is true then it could be a competitive move for Google to release the Chromebook Pixel before the end of the year. Reports stated that Microsoft was waiting for Coffee Lake CPUs to come out first. Now that they have been announced the wait could be over.

It will be interesting to see how well the Google Chromebook Pixel competes with the upcoming Surface series keeping in mind both will be powered by the same series of CPUs. This should be very interesting as both are premium products and both have a lot to offer.

Let us know in the comments section below, what you think about a new Chromebook Pixel coming out? Would you rather pick the Google Chromebook Pixel over the Microsoft Surface or Surface Book?