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Bungie Releases The Destiny 2 Launch Trailer, Lots Of Promise In It

Bungie has released the Destiny 2 launch trailer a few weeks early, and it shows us a good bit of epicness in what will hopefully be a vastly superior experience to the original Destiny. Destiny 2 is supposed to be releasing on September 6 for consoles, making the trailer around two weeks early.

The trailer shows off a number of different cutscenes that we’ll be seeing over the course of the game, such as the Guardians preparing to take back the City, Ghaul ranting about how he’s the only one that deserves the Traveler’s power, and, finally, what happened to the Speaker (who was captured by Ghaul, rather than being killed.)

Destiny 2’s beta wrapped up several weeks ago after allowing players to go through the first story mission, a strike, and two different multiplayer modes. While that helped to whet the appetite of players that are still Destiny fans (to the point that Beta participants and pre-order buyers are even larger than the original game), hopefully the game’s story will match up to the scale it’s promising.

If the Destiny 2 launch trailer is once again the prelude to a disappointing story like in the original Destiny, Bungie will have messed up yet again and done similar to Destiny 2, a story that’s more a series of random events than anything.

However, Bungie has also said that the story will be much bigger this time, and more cohesive, to the point that some players may complain at the huge amount of story that they’ll have to go through to get it. That, coupled with Patrols, Strikes (which will be limited to late game along with Raids), Lost Sectors, and other content, will hopefully address the first Destiny’s complaint about there not being much to do.

Destiny 2 comes out on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 6, while it will come out on PC on October 10. To see the Destiny 2 launch trailer for yourself, look further up the article.