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Destiny 2 Is Unlikely To Be Featured In Heroes Of The Storm, Says Game Director

Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes Of the Storm features a lot of heroes from many of its franchises, however, with Destiny 2 coming to, its characters coming to the game seems unlikely. This is According to the game director for Heroes Of The Storm, Alan Dabiri.

Speaking with PCGamesN, Dabiri said that they are focusing on Blizzard’s own game characters for Heroes Of The Storm. He explained the reason why characters from games other than Blizzard’s might not be featured in Heroes Of The Storm is that they “have so many heroes, villains” from their own universe.

I don’t know if we’re in a place right now where we’re really motivated to dive outside of the Blizzard universes. You never know in the future but right now we’re just focused on the Blizzard franchises.

When asked if Destiny 2 characters will be featured in Heroes Of Storm given that Destiny 2 is coming to, Dabiri replied that “I don’t know. That’s something where, when we actually get to that point, we’d have to talk about whether that’s appropriate for Heroes and for a Blizzard game. Right now it’s not something we’re looking at but we haven’t even really thought about it that much, we haven’t really discussed it.”

Also, Destiny 2 PC version will block third-party apps for in-game captures and voice chat. Bungie has announced that some of the third-party apps for in-game capture and voice chat will not work properly with Destiny 2 on PC.

To help ensure that every player will have a fair shot at fun and glory in Destiny 2 on PC, we resist attempts by third-party applications to insert code into the game client. This may result in incompatibility between Destiny 2 PC and the features of common third-party applications.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter in development at Bungie and is scheduled to launch this fall for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: PCGamesN