Assassin’s Creed Origins Director Talks About Genre Shift And Lack Of Multiplayer In The New Game

During a recent interview with Twinfinite, Assassin’s Creed Origins game director Ashraf Ismail talked more about the franchise’s evolution and how the new game will try to please all sorts of gamers, finally bringing the franchise out from its slump.

One of the first thing gamers noticed with the reveal of Assassin’s Creed Origins was that the gameplay was a huge departure from the previous titles in the series. It did not feel like the usual Assassin’s Creed at all, instead, the combat felt more along the lines of action RPGs with skill trees, gear and different level enemies.

According to Ashraf, this was a deliberate approach and not exactly an experiment, something which Syndicate attempted with the free-flow combat system from Batman Arkham games. Since Assassin’s Creed Origins has been in development for four years now, ever since the studio completed their work on Black Flag, they focused on making this game unique.

This is not an attempt to see will this work or not. No, we assumed this path and yes we’ve gone to a much more action RPG philosophy….

…. this is a natural progression for us. This needed to happen. We needed to modernize AC to bring something fresh and new to our fans.

And every game needs to do that, to ask themselves: how can we bring a new experience to our players? But for me, most definitely the action RPG element of the game is a natural step for AC to go, and we should keep that going going forward.

Ashraf also talked about the lack of multiplayer, which the previous game he worked on, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, had and even went on to create a spin-off solely focusing on naval combat in multiplayer. It seems like if this new direction of the franchise proves successful, it is possible we might one day see the return of multiplayer or a co-op mode to the games.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is set to launch on 27th October for PS4, Xbox One and PC.