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An Arcade Racing Title Could Come From Project Cars Devs

Slightly Mad Studios is known for developing Project Cars, a racing simulator, however, it seems that the studio might be looking to introduce an arcade racing title. With Project Cars 2 just a month away from launch, Slightly Mad Studios has opened up if they would like to develop an arcade racing title.

Speaking with Gamespot, COO at Slightly Mad Studios, Rod Chong, was asked if the studio has ever considered developing an arcade racing title to which he replied “Yes”, however, he also elaborated on the topic. He added that in the studio goes to develop an arcade, don’t expect it to carry the Project Cars name.

According to Rod, Project Cars series is all about realism and authenticity and the arcade style will not line up with the franchise by saying “It wouldn’t be Project Cars though”.

In related news, Slightly Mad Studios has also revealed that the development team is working hard to bring the game to PSVR but, added that they can’t make any promises.

With PSVR we can’t confirm that it’s definitely coming, but our team are hard at work on it. The reason I can’t confirm that it’s definitely going to come out is because there’s a lot of work required to get the game running to our standards. Because of the two screens that you need, because of the frame rate that you need to keep up in order for the whole experience to be comfortable, and because of all the stuff we’re throwing into the game: a large number of competitors on the screen at the same time, all the weather features, the Live Track stuff that changes things dynamically, all of that adds great gameplay.

Also, the studio has noted that the Xbox One X version of Project Cars 2 will see notable improvements over the PS4 Pro version.

Project Cars 2 is an upcoming racing simulator game in development at Slightly Mad Studios and will launch in 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: Gamespot