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SNK Confirms New Fighting Games in Development, Could We See Fatal Fury/Samurai Shodown Return?

SNK has a number of profound fighting game franchises under its belt, most of which have been gathering dust for decades. It is why the release of The King of Fighters XIV last year held so much meaning for the community. Thankfully, the developer is not stopping just there.

Speaking with IGN Latin America in a recent interview (translated by Gematsu), producer Yasuyki Oda confirmed that the studio is currently working on “many new fighting games” that cannot be announced just yet. Without any hints, we can only fall back to our wishlists that SNK revives some of the old classic franchises such as Fatal Fury and Samurai Shodown.

On the front of The King of Fighters XIV, the developer is currently unsure about continuing to provide content support. If it does, it will be in the form of additional characters and not in-game cosmetics.

“We are still not sure if we will have more downloadable content or patches, but when we released new characters in April, and the fans’ reception was very good, so if we were to make extra content, we would like them to be new characters rather than new costumes because it’s what fans like the most,” noted Oda.

While a balance patch is “a possibility” in the near future, SNK is fairly convinced that a sequel will become a reality for fans somewhere down the line. Until then, the developer has pledged support for the competitive scene and will continue to back tournaments for both the current installment as well as upcoming fighting games from the studio.

We have been told to stay tuned for more information. Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2017) is scheduled to take place in October. If there is a place and time for SNK to announce one of its new upcoming fighting games, it is one of the largest gaming conventions of Japan.