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New Middle Earth Shadow of War Trailer Shows The Monsters Of Mordor

During yesterday’s Xbox Gamescom briefing, Monolith Productions revealed a new trailer for their highly anticipated game Shadow of War. This new Shadow of War trailer

">focuses on the many monsters and beasts players will encounter during their journey including Carnan and Balrog.

Carnan, the spirit that rules over the Forest of Carnan has been teased in the trailers before as a giant woodland entity. Monolith even showcased the story mission involving her during one of their

">regular streams. From the stream and the trailer, it seems as if she is something truly powerful and even Celebrimbor is afraid of her while he would gladly go and fight Sauron.

The trailer also showed the “creation” of a Balrog, the giant flame beast well-known to anyone with a bit of interest in the Middle Earth universe. While it was evident that players will have to fight the Balrog, it seems like they will not be alone in this fight as the new Shadow of War trailer shows us that players will be aided in the fight by Carnan.

Among the other monsters shown in the trailer, Shelob is also one of the notable ones as Shadow of War gives us a different take on the character from what we have seen previously in the Lord of the Rings movies. It seems like Shelob can transform in and out of her spider form and into a woman. She will also have a pretty significant role to play in the story of Shadow of War, which should leave players satisfied unlike Shadow of Mordor’s ending.

Shadow of War is set to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 10th October. Monolith Productions has been dishing out a lot of gameplay information and trailers recently to hype things up. Hopefully, all these reveals and the controversial microtransaction system in the game doesn’t end up ruining the end product.