Official PlayStation Twitter Hack Reveals A Huge Chunk Of PSN Database Might Be In Danger

The official PlayStation channels being hacked isn’t exactly something new and the service has suffered because of it numerous times in the past. However, it seems like the latest PlayStation Twitter hack might have been done by some “gentlemen” instead of the usual culprits.

Over the weekend, the official PlayStation Twitter was hacked and the hackers sent out a few tweets announcing that to the world. While the tweets have since been removed and account seems to be back in Sony’s hands, the world still managed to see what the hack was about.

It seems like the PlayStation Twitter hack was perpetrated by a group calling themselves OurMine. However, like most hackers out there, this group did not leak any sensitive information and even announced that they will not do so. From their tweet, it appears as if they are interested in either ransoming this hacked data or want to help Sony fix the flaws in their system.

OurMine claims that they have acquired a huge chunk of the PlayStation Network Database and if it turns out to be true, the security of a lot of PlayStation Network users might be at risk as the database contains login details, billing information and a lot more.

This isn’t OurMine’s first foray into high profile hacking as in the past, this Saudi Arabian security hacker group has hacked other famous accounts belonging to celebrities as well as Pokemon Go creator, Twitter co-founder and Google’s CEO. These hackers are considered a “white hat” group and have usually done such hacks to help companies out, hopefully that is the case this time as well.

While any online infrastructure can be hacked, PlayStation Network has been a big target for the past few years and despite Sony’s best attempts, they have been unable to completely prevent hacks. Back in 2011, the network suffered one of the biggest hacks which affected more than 77 million PSN accounts.