Square Enix Accidentally Locks Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Platinum Trophy Behind Deluxe Edition

The trophy list for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm was revealed recently and some fans noticed that one trophy was locked behind the bonus episode which would make getting the Platinum Trophy tad bit difficult. However, Square Enix has clarified that it was done by accident.

Trophy hunters on every platform take it very seriously to achieve the Platinum Trophy and one of the trophies on PS4 is only achievable through playing the bonus episode that comes with the Deluxe Edition. However, in a statement to Push Square, Square Enix explained that it was done by accident and are working to rectify it.

This was a mistake on our side and not our intention to gate the Platinum Trophy via the optional bonus episode in the Deluxe [Edition]. We’ve already started speaking to the first parties about rectifying this.

The bonus episode in question is ‘Farewell’ episode which is part of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Deluxe Edition among other bonuses.

Unlike the first Life Is Strange, the upcoming prequel, Before The Storm, will only feature three episodes and game’s lead writer has explained why there are only three episodes for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm.

Also, co-director, Chris Floyd explained what makes Chloe different from MaxCaulfield. According to Floyd, what makes Chloe different from Max is her destructive capabilities and said that Chloe is a “wrecking ball” that just bashes through the things that are in front of her.

Also, developer Dotnod is working on Life Is Stange 2. The studio announced it through a recent Steam Community blog post, confirming that there are two Life is Strange games in development and one of them is Life Is Strange 2.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm is an upcoming episodic adventure in development at Deck Nine Games and the first episode will launch in August for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: PushSquare