Intel Coffee Lake Price Listed At Canadian Retailer, Higher Than Current Generation Processors

Intel Coffee Lake is going to be the next generation of CPUs but it seems that Intel Coffee Lake price is a bit higher than the current-generation CPUs. We know that the Intel Coffee Lake series of CPUs will feature more cores as compared to what we currently have available on the market and that could be one of the reasons why Intel Coffee Lake price is higher.

The Intel Coffee Lake price listing is from a Canadian retailer and has been posted for back-order. This could mean that prices might be different and the dollar rate is different in Canada, so expect slight changes in pricing when these CPUs come to the US but the difference between Intel Coffee Lake price and current generation price will still remain.

If you were expecting to get a 6 core i5 for the same price then you will be disappointed to know, that is not the case. You can check out the prices below:

Intel i7-8700K: $484.44
Intel i7-8700: $407.73
Intel i5-8600K: $338.00
Intel i5-8400: $237.58
Intel i3-8350K: $233.41
Intel i3-8100: $152.51

For comparison sake the price of the current generation CPUs are as follows:

Intel i7-7700K: $462.41
Intel i7-7700: $406.35
Intel i5-7600K: $313.95
Intel i5-7400: $235.87
Intel i3-7350K: $241.82
Intel i3-7100: $149.08

If this is indeed the case with upcoming CPUs then it will be interesting to see how people react to Intel Coffee Lake price. It will also be interesting to so the kind of performance benefits the new Coffee Lake CPUs will have to offer as compared to the options that we have available right now.

According to reports, the reveal is going to be a paper reveal as neither CPUs, nor motherboards have been sent out to reviewers yet.

Let us know what you think about the Intel Coffee Lake price and whether or not you are interested in buying one of these CPUs.