ESL Reportedly Sues Azubu for $1.5 Million

Following a bumpy road of controversies and accusations, the live streaming platform known as Azubu finally ceased operations earlier this year. However, it appears that trouble is still lurking on the horizon for the woeful company.

According to documents unearthed by esports journalist and commentator Richard Lewis, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) has filed a lawsuit against Azubu over the failure of payment and attempt at fraud.

Last year, Azubu announced a global esports partnership with ESL that gave it access to streaming partners as well as rights to exclusive content and marketing collaborations. The partnership was supposed to run for at least two years but was cut short.

The lawsuit states that Azubu owes ESL in damages incurred during the brief partnership. In fact, the broadcasting company is accused of never paying ESL even once since the contract was signed.

In response, Azubu has filed a plea that no such binding paperwork exists between the two organizations. If there is no legal documentation to prove such a partnership existed then there is no money owed. However, it has not denied that it never paid ESL its dues.

An official statement is yet to arrive from either of the two. Considering that Azubu has been blamed in the past for not paying its streamers and promised prize money for several tournaments, it will not be a surprise to find out that the latest allegations are true as well.

ESL is currently seeking over $1.5 million as compensation.