Daily Limit on League of Legends’ Hextech Chests Explained by the Developer

There is a limit to how many Hextech Chests can be purchased by a player in League of Legends on any given day. The red tape was placed by the developer when the new crafting system was introduced over a year back and restricts an individual from only acquiring a maximum of twenty-five. Any further chests must wait until the new day before being bought.

When asked why Riot Games is not in favor of allowing players to purchase more Hextech Chests in a single day, the developer referenced an article from several months ago that provides insight into the business model of the game.

One major goal of the crafting mode was to “add content that excites you when you first hear about it, feels good when you buy it, and leaves you glad when you look back, even months later.”

Hextech Chests follow random probabilities and do not guarantee any specific item. Players must test their luck when unlocking every single one. The aspect brings to light the matter of regret. Players may feel frustrated and absentmindedly spend a lot of money to purchase more chests, all for the sake of unlocking rare items such as Gemstones. These are exclusive to Hextech Chests and part of a currency that gives access to loot-exclusive skins. Lancer Zero Hecarim is the latest to be announced in this lineup. Others include Dreadnova Darius, Soulstealer Vayne, and more.

If players were allowed to purchase as many chests as possible on any given day, the crafting system would lose its meaning. Sure, players would eventually unlock what their hearts desire but it would lose the excitement to be had.

Hence, in a way, Riot Games made certain that players in League of Legends do not go broke. No kind of cosmetic or vanity item makes sense to burn cash like that. In addition, there is the matter of accounts being compromised. It is harder to prove that someone else has been making unauthorized purchases if the actual owner does the same all the time. Limiting the amount that can be bought is one step towards protection.