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Ark: Survival Evolved Crossplay is Ready But Sony Won’t Allow It: Dev

Ark: Survival Evolved has crossplay for PS4 and Xbox One working internally. However, according to the developer of the game, although it is working internally, Sony won’t allow such functionality on its platform. Sony’s stance on crossplay platform play has been disappointing.

While Microsoft is open to the idea of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players playing together, Sony tries to keep this functionality limited to console exclusive titles such as Street Fighter V. Sony has been doing crossplay on PC and PlayStation 4 for a while but when it comes to Xbox One, Sony isn’t as cooperative to developers.

It is a shame but Microsoft isn’t that different from Sony. The company also pushes for cross-play between Xbox One and PC, rather than Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Gears of War 4 developer, The Coalition, holds crossplay weekends which gives players a chance to experience cross platform play.

The Coalition has taken a firm stand that Crossplay for Gears Of War 4 will only be available in co-op. But The studio announced that through Gears Of War 4 Crossplay Weekend they will be taking the Crossplay in versus matches for a spin and will see how things work out.

Hopefully, Sony will also try to take this feature for a spin on Xbox One and allow the community to play against and with each other. Ark: Survival Evolved for now is playable on Xbox One, PS4, and PC but no cross-platform play at the moment.

Do you think Sony is going ever allow crossplay on PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments below.