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AMD Raven Ridge APU Confirmed, Will Feature Both Zen And Vega IPOs

The much awaited AMD Raven Ridge APU has now been confirmed. There have been a couple of rumors about an upcoming AMD APU featuring both Zen and Vega but there was little proof to back up that rumor. OpenCL tables confirm that the upcoming AMD Raven Ridge APU will feature graphics based on Vega.

AMD Raven Ridge APU will have 12 NGCUs, which means 768 stream processors. The APU will feature 4 cores and 8 threads and SMT will be enabled. The chip will also have a dual-channel DDR4 integrated memory controller. The leak reveals 2 versions of the APU, one will have 12 NGCUs while the other will have 8.

The model with 8 NGCUs could be an entry-level variant and if that is indeed the case then it will cost less than the other variant. Having that said, you should not think that this will be able to handle gaming on its own. It should be able to compete with Intel integrated graphics but you should not expect much more than that.

The AMD Raven Ridge APU will most likely be featured in laptops and 2-in-1 hybrid devices. We should be able to see these APUs later this year according to the AMD roadmap that you can check out below:
AMD Raven Ridge APU

This leak has just come in time, as Intel has just announced the Coffee Lake mobile CPUs. It will be interesting to see how these two compete with one another. AMD has seen a lot of success with the AMD Ryzen CPUs and the same could be the case with these upcoming APUs. It will all depend on the price to performance ratio.

AMD is back in the game and is here to stay. AMD has hit every CPU market there is and will be introducing mobile CPUs and APUs as well. This should be very interesting.

Let us know whether or not you would be interested in buying a device powered by the AMD Raven Ridge APU.