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Amazon Germany Leaks Xbox One X Day One Edition, Pre-Orders Get Goodies

It seems that Amazon Germany has once again leaked out something before it could be revealed internationally, this time apparently revealing the Xbox One X Day One Edition. That edition is a special edition of the console that can be pre-ordered and apparently comes with more than a few goodies.

Originally, Microsoft was supposed to announce more information about the Xbox One X at Gamescom this coming weekend. However, if the leak on Amazon Germany is true, we’ve learned about the Xbox One X Day One Edition a good bit before it was supposed to be revealed to the public.

While the listing on Amazon Germany doesn’t say what all the Xbox One X pre-order will get you if you do pre-order the console, it does say that those that pre-order the console will get something extra. However, there isn’t any real hinting of what that might be. Whether it’s a game that’s bundled into the box along with the console, an Xbox Elite Controller, or something else, we’ll hopefully find out at Gamescom.

The Xbox One X was originally unveiled at this year’s E3 after over a year of speculation, not to mention being nearly a year behind the Playstation 4 Pro, which came out last November to a good amount of success. Whether that console will be able to help boost Microsoft’s fortunes and compete realistically with the Pro remains to be seen, however.

The Xbox One X’s success is also contingent on the number of different Xbox-exclusive and timed-exclusive games that can persuade people into buying one. At least one of its planned games, Crackdown 3, has already been delayed until the spring of next year, so hopefully Microsoft has enough games to make up the difference.

If you want to pre-order the Xbox One X Day One Edition yourself, the console will be coming out on November 7 to the tune of $499 worldwide.