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Quake Champions Coming To Steam Early Access But Will Not Be Free To Play

Bethesda has announced that Quake Champions will be releasing on Steam as well as their own Bethesda Launcher, however, there are some strings attached with the Steam Early Access version of the popular arena shooter.

While the Bethesda Launcher version of Quake Champions will remain free to play and give players the option to buy the game for full access, the Steam Early Access version will not be free at all. Those interested in playing the game on Steam will have to buy it at a price tag of $30 after the Early Access version launches on 22nd August.

The Bethesda Launcher version of the game is also seeing some changes as free access will no longer be given to new players. Those who already have access, which a huge number of players do, can continue to play for free while anyone new interested in trying out the game will need to buy the Champions Pack for $30, down from the original price of $40.

Those interested in sticking to the game for the long haul might actually want to consider this purchase as the Champions Pack grants access to all the currently available and future Champions in the game. Without the Champions Pack, players are restricted to playing just one character.

So far Bethesda has mentioned a total of 11 champions will be coming to Quake Champions, 6 of which should be playable before the end of 2018. The developers recently added the “Doomguy” to the game as a playable Champion with Berserk ability.

The 22nd August update of the game which launches it into Early Access for both Bethesda Launcher and Steam will also include two new maps, the Rune Challenge system, a lore system with rewards in the form of unique skins as well as new tutorials to get players familiar with the fast paced gameplay style of Quake franchise.