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Pokemon Gold And Silver 3DS Ports Coming September 22, Digital-Only

As if it wasn’t enough that the original first generation of Pokemon games were getting a Nintendo 3DS port, we’re also now getting a Pokemon Gold and Silver 3DS ports too. The news comes from Nintendo France, who announced it on their Twitter. The ports will be available on September 22.

The original Gold and Silver games of Pokemon were the next step in the games, and added a large number of new things to the game, ranging from new Pokemon and a new region to minor quality-of-life changes such as a day and night cycle as players made their way through the brand new Johto region. The game was such a success that Nintendo re-made them into HeartGold and SoulSilver in 2009.

However, while the games will be exclusively digital, there will be a “physical” release of the games in full boxes. These boxes won’t contain a cartridge, but instead will contain a download code that you can use to download the game. The Gold and Silver 3DS ports will take up 130 blocks of a Nintendo 3DS’s memory.

It’s likely that the “physical” versions are just for collectors that want the box, but either way it will give Pokemon fans that have wanted to re-play the original Gold and Silver versions to play through the game again, experiencing all the different ways that the original Gold and Silver games were different from the remakes.

If you’re one of those Pokemon fans, and would like to take a walk through the original Generation II version of the Johto Region again, all you have to do is wait until September 22 to get the Pokemon Gold and Silver 3DS ports.

And, if you’re one of those people that likes to collect Pokemon boxes, be sure to get one of the boxes when they become available.