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Here’s A Bit More Of The Early Destiny 2 Story, Including Post-Beta Missions

The Destiny 2 beta definitely ended on a sour note story-wise for us. Stripped of our powers and with the Last City conquered by the Cabal’s Red Legion, the Destiny 2 story is definitely shaping up to be darker than the last game, but even in a world without light, hope shines.

After being kicked off of the flagship of Dominus Ghaul, the Cabal warlord who is the story’s main villain, players find themselves waking up in the European Dead Zone, the first and largest of the game’s new gameplay spaces. However, with no powers and no weapons, players get to see the world from a new perspective; not as an immortal super-soldier, but as a regular human, helpless against the world’s dangers.

You then make your way through that wilderness to the new Destiny 2 social space, called the Farm. There the Destiny 2 story will pick up as you’re told by the Farm’s owner, Suraya Hawthorne, that a shard of the Traveler lies in the European Dead Zone. You travel there and touch it, and thus regain your powers.

The rest of the story revolves around you traveling to the numerous other new areas in the solar system, including the planetoids Nessus, Titan, and Io, to recover Cayde-6, Zavala, and Ikora Ray in order to rally the City’s Guardians to take back the traveler.

However, we will also learn more about Ghaul. Since he’s the central villain of the story, we’ll be seeing him a lot, along with more characters around him that serve as his inner circle. This includes another Cabal character known as the Consul, who convinced Ghaul to overthrow the previous Cabal emperor and take his throne.

To see more of the Destiny 2 story, be on the lookout for when the game releases September 6 on the Xbox One and Playstation 4, and on October 10 on the PC.