Enemy AI Can Learn From Your Behavirous in Ulta Ultra’s ECHO

Ultra Ultra, the studio made up of ex-IO Interactive developers, has released a gameplay video of their upcoming game “ECHO.” The full developer commentary is narrated by Ultra Ultra CEO/game director Martin Emborg and game designer Morten Hedegren.

In ECHO, players assume the role of En, a woman trying everything in her power to revive someone she lost but ends up creating multiple temporal versions of herself inside the mysterious palace of the game. This is where some of the unique mechanics and design choices of the game kick in.

The Palace is constantly watching En to study their movement and gameplay patterns, the way players approach different situations and conflicts. Through that, the palace AI learns and improves itself to better counter the player. Through their journey, the palace occasionally experiences blackouts which reset the enemies. However, after the reset, the enemies are smarter every time as they have learned from the player’s play style and evolved with new skills.

As the enemies are constantly learning and evolving, Ultra Ultra is hopeful that ECHO gameplay will remain fresh and challenging so players don’t feel that the difficulty is too easy by the time they reach the end of the game. The blackouts can also be used to the player’s advantage as the enemy AI can’t learn anything from the player during the blackout.

The developer commentary released also show us a look at some of these blackouts and how En’s enemies have advanced after each blackout.

ECHO is scheduled to release 19th September on PS4 and PC. Despite being built by a small team of just 8 people, the gameplay of ECHO shows that Ultra Ultra definitely knows how to make a good looking and engaging stealth experience. Of course, the team members who worked on Hitman series at IO Interactive have had a huge part to play in that.