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Bungie Reveals The Updated Destiny 2 Companion App For Improved Gameplay Experience

Bungie has revealed that the Destiny companion app will be updated to become the Destiny 2 companion app which the players can access from mobile devices to access a wide variety of information regarding the upcoming game.

During the announcement of the Destiny 2 companion app update, Bungie also detailed some of the new and returning features of the app which will be marking a return from the old version. As can be expected, a graphical redesign of the app to reflect the new game isn’t the only thing in the works.

The first new addition mentioned the Bungie blog is the Explore section which combines all sources of information and media for the game including news and updates on Destiny 2, community creations like fan art as well as the game forum. Given the new and overhauled Clans feature in the game, the Destiny 2 companion app will also have a Clan section.

While the original Destiny didn’t have matchmaking for raids, Destiny 2 will have a system in place called Guided Games which implements a semi-matchmaking system into the raids and this can be accessed with the companion app along some other Clan tools like management, tracking rewards and a new clan chat system.

Destiny 2 is currently scheduled for a 6th September release on PS4 and Xbox One while a PC version will be launching exclusively on Blizzard’s client on 24th October. An open beta for the PC version is also scheduled for later this month.

Bungie seems to be staying true to their promise of filling the game with content to the brim. While the first game lacked severely in the story and side content department, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Destiny 2 as reports suggest the game will have more than 55 hours of content, some of which will be locked till the 3rd part of the main story.