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Zombies vs. DIY Store Guide – ZP Farming, How to Craft Items, Boosting ZP

In this Zombies vs. DIY Store Guide, we will guide you how to play Zombies vs. DIY Store. It is a unique zombie survival game, in which you must survive the undead horde inside a DIY store. This means that the game requires a lot of crafting.

We have curated this Zombies vs. DIY Store Guide so you can read it for tips and tricks on how to play the game. With the help of this Zombies vs. DIY Store Guide, you will survive the zombie apocalypse easily and win the game by crafting yourself some really awesome items.

Zombies vs. DIY Store Guide

Zombies vs. DIY Store Guide details everything you need to know in order to survive the zombie horde in Zombies vs. DIY Store.

Zombies vs. DIY Store Tips and Tricks

Don’t Stop Tapping!

Zombies vs. DIY Store gives you ZP when you tap the screen and how fast you tap the screen. So, to get the maximum efficiency when you are playing the game, tap the screen as fast as you can and you will earn a lot of ZP. You can use three fingers if you have a big screen device.

Make sure when using multiple fingers that you do not touch the screen with more than one finger at the same time. Your tapping should be fast but in a rhythm. Touching with more than one finger at a time will only count as one and you will lose ZP during this time.

Makes sure you follow a rhythm with all three fingers and then tap the screen as fast as you can with three fingers. This will earn you a large number of ZP quickly. Practice tapping and you will be swimming in ZP in no time. Also, make sure that you have the best and most effective DIY item in your inventory, equip it and tap the screen as if you mean it.

Items Give ZP

You will be purchasing many items in the game using your ZP. Once you have successfully purchased the item, the items will add up to the idle ZP generation. When you are not playing the game, the ZP will continue to increase and once you are back, you will have earned ZP even though you were not playing the game.

For this reason, you must try to unlock each item in the game by purchasing it. Once the items have been purchased, they will continue giving you idle ZP. You can use this thing for a little trick as well. To earn more ZP quickly, pick a cheap item and buy a lot of it. More items you buy, more ZP it will give you. Using this little trick, you can earn a large number of ZP in no time.

Crafting DIY Items

After you have purchased the items, you can combine them to create unique weapons and items that will help you survive in the game. You can craft a large number of items in the game.

Check their darkened images to get an idea of all the required items for that item and then purchase them and combine them together and you will have a super item to whack the zombies with. There are many different items that you can craft in the game but we will share five of the most useful items here.

  • Combine Screwdriver and Shopping cart to craft Spiky shopping cart
  • Combine Nails and Bat to craft Spiked bat
  • Combine Cat food and Tennis Racket to craft Tin Launcher
  • Thriller – Combine CD and CD player to craft Thriller
  • Combine Burner and Gasoline to craft Engulfing flames

Equipping Items Boosts ZP

After creating the items, you must equip them to get a ZP boost. Better items will give you more ZP so try to create as many good items as possible. Start with equipping the basic items. Never have your slots empty. Then as you make better and more powerful items, keep on equipping them for maximum punch and ZP earned with each tap.

This concludes our Zombies vs. DIY Store Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!