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Xbox One X Pre Order Guide – Where and When to Buy

Xbox One X was officially revealed at E3 2017 and it was that time we learned about its November 7 release. There are so many exciting new features including true 4K gaming, which makes this console a must have. But where to have it? Xbox One Pre order didn’t go live at E3 2017 which was a surprising decision from Microsoft.

Still, the company has plenty of time to pre-deliver its new 4K gaming console. Pre orders are expected to go live in a couple of days which means gamers will flood retailers. The console is expected to run out of stock at major retailers so its best to prepare yourself before the pre orders go live.

Xbox One X Pre Order Guide

Xbox One X – GameStop $499.99

Xbox One X – Amazon US $499.99

Xbox One X – Amazon UK 449.99 EUR

Xbox One X – Best Buy $499.99

Xbox One – Walmart $499.99

Pre order details will arrive this Sunday during Microsoft’s Xbox Live pre-show. There might be some pre order incentives but they are unlikely to happen. But Microsoft may reveal some bundles featuring 4K enhanced games for Xbox One X as well as Xbox Live memberships.

At release, Xbox One X will have the entire Xbox One library available to it with most games enhanced to 4K. Meanwhile, it can boost performance in non-enhanced games as well. Still, Phil Spencer confirmed that while it can do better at 1080p compared to Xbox One, those without a 4K screen should stick to Xbox One or Xbox One S for now.

Which games would you like to see bundled with Xbox One X? Share your picks in the comments below.