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Sony Has Announced The Playstation Experience 2017 Dates, Tickets Available

Sony has announced its Playstation Experience 2017 dates, letting every Playstation fan know when the company’s biggest gaming event (aside from E3) will be happening. In this case it’s still a long way off, as the event will be starting on December 8, a Friday, and going until December 10, the following Sunday.

The Playstation Experience, unlike E3, gives Playstation the ability to show off all of the cool games that Playstation developers are creating, which often allows us to get peeks at games that weren’t at E3 due to either not being ready yet or just being shoved out of the limelight by higher-profile games.

The previous Playstation Experience gave us a good number of cool games to look forward to, such as The Last Of Us Part 2 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. The Lost Legacy is going to be releasing at the end of this month, though Last Of Us Part 2 is still a ways off, releasing in 2018. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of The Last Of Us during at least one day in the Playstation Experience 2017 dates.

If you want to actually attend the event in person, you’ll have to reserve a pass, which is $75 for the two main days. However, you can get a ticket that’s ten dollars cheaper if you buy an early bird pass. However, if you either don’t want to spend that much money to go to California for a weekend, or can’t make it, then you can still watch the press conference, which will be livestreamed.

So, if you want to look at any of the cool games that are undoubtedly going to be streamed at the event, keep the Playstation Experience 2017 dates in mind so that you can either head to Anaheim when the time rolls around, or be ready to watch it online.