Overwatch Lucioball Guide – What is Lucioball, How to Win, Tips and Strategies

In this Overwatch Lucioball Guide, we will explain to you what Lucioball is in Overwatch and how you can win in this game mode. Lucioball is Overwatch’s take on football. In this Overwatch Lucioball Guide, we have explained in detail about the Lucioball game mode and how you can actually play it.

If you are a fan of Overwatch, you know it is a shooter game and playing football within an excellent shooter is something that everyone wants to try out. Read our Overwatch Lucioball Guide, to get all tips and tricks so you can own the completion in Lucioball.

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Overwatch Lucioball Guide

Overwatch Lucioball Guide details everything that you need to know in order to play Lucioball in Overwatch

Overwatch Lucioball Tips and Strategies

Understanding Overwatch Lucioball

Lucioball is a special game mode in Overwatch where six players are divided into two teams of three players each. Each player is playing as Lucio, hence the name of the game mode, and everyone tries to shoot the big ball in the opponent’s goal by kicking, punching or using Lucio’s special ability.

The game gives both teams four minutes and the first team to score most goals wins the match. It is quite a fun game mode however it requires some tips and tricks to win easily which we have detailed in this Overwatch Lucioball Guide.

Overwatch Lucioball – Tips to Win

The game gives you freedom on how you want to score in the game. You can kick, punch or use Sonic Amplifier to move the ball around. This is a team based game and it is best played when you are a good team player. As the match starts, each player is assigned a location.

There are three locations where the game will putt the players randomly, one will be the goaltender who stays guard at the goal, the other two can change their roles between defenders and offenders.

Although the game does not force you to stick to your locations, you must be a good team player and be at the required position. One player must always stay at the goal as the ball might suddenly come towards the goal anytime in the match and there must be someone there to stop it from going inside the goal.

Good teams are cooperative teams. Teams that coordinate with each other will have good tactics and they can easily win the match. Good communication with the teammates if highly recommended. Also during the game, you must never rush towards the ball or the goal.

Lucio is pretty fast but you must not spam his ability to make him even faster as it will not give you enough time to think about your next move. Be patient with the game and go with the flow to understand the game better and plan accordingly. Your punches are your friend here when Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier is charging, use the punches to move the ball around until your special is charged. These are good for emergencies and you must use them.

Your team must be spread across the whole map instead of a single place. This will you a greater ground coverage and more ball snatching opportunities. Limiting yourself to one side of the map will give your opponents most part of the map free and they will benefit from it.

Do not give your opponents this ease. Also, do not forget that you can jump in the game. So when the ball is in the air, jump after it and hit it in the air to move it towards your enemy’s goal quickly. Lucio has tremendous jump so he can jump very high after the ball so you must use it for an advantage.

This concludes our Overwatch Lucioball Guide. If you want to add anything, feel free to use the comments section below!