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Observer RC Cars Locations ‘A Work in Progress’ Guide

Observer RC Cars Locations Guide to help you find all the RC Cars hidden in the game and unlock ‘A Work in Progress’ Achievement. There are four RC Cars in total. Out of these four, you must find the first three outside Helena’s hack and the last one during her hack.

Observer is a survival-horror game that is played from the first-person perspective. In Observer, players fill in the shoes of a Cracovian detective of the Observers Police Unit named Daniel Lazarski. Lazarski is tasked with hacking his targets’ memories and fears with a device called the Dream Eater.

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Observer RC Cars Locations Guide

In our Observer RC Cars Locations Guide, we have shared the locations of all four RC Cars that you can find in the game in order to unlock ‘A Work in Progress’ Achievement.

Observer RC Cars Locations

Observer RC Car #1
The first one is found at the very beginning of the game. After heading inside the area with the hanged woman on the ground floor, search the floor right in front of the room to find the first car.

Observer RC Car #2
After reaching the second floor, the RC Car will speed towards the Kitchen/Dining. At this point, you will also see a brief flash of Adam. If you do not see the car speeding away from you, leave the area, do something, and return. At this point, it remains unclear whether you need to hack into Amir to get it to spawn or not.

Observer RC Car #3
The third RC Car is inside the yard, directly behind the trashcans right next to the Tattoo Parlor.

Observer RC Car #4
The fourth one is in Helena’s hack. To find Adam’s room, you need to head to the area where you drag the ‘Baby TV’. Once there, look for an open door, near the area where you can plug your TV in. Once there, head to Adam’s table in order to find the last car.

This is all we have in our Observer RC Cars Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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