Nintendo Switch Best Selling Console For The Month Of July

Nintendo Switch has been quite successful for Nintendo as the console has already shipped 4.7 million units by June 30. However, the hybrid console is showing no sign of slowing down as Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console for the month of July.

According to the report from NDP group for July 2017, Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console for the month of July in the US. According to the report, the success is partly due to new Switch units coming into retail and the launch of Splatoon 2 in July which is also the best-selling game for the month.

However, the report suggests that on the year-to-date basis, PlayStation 4 is the best-selling console which is hardly surprising since PS4 has shipped 63.3 million units by June 30, 2017.

As for the overall hardware sales in the month of July, hardware sales amounted for $182 million in the US which is 26% above compared to July 2016. According to the report, Switch and PlayStation 4 played a significant role in this increase. Furthermore, hardware sales in the US on the year-to-date basis generated $1.6 billion which is 20% up.

In related news,  Nintendo has been sued by Gamevice who claims Nintendo Switch is using their patents. Gamevice is an accessory manufacturer and the company has filed a lawsuit against Nintendo and claims that the company is using their patents for Nintendo Switch without their permission. The lawsuit calls for Nintendo paying the damages and a ban on Nintendo Switch sales.

Also, EA has teased that it will bring more of its titles to Switch if there is a business opportunity in the console and given the success of Switch, we might be seeing more EA titles on Switch.

Nintendo also has very high expectations from its hybrid console. According to Nintendo, it wants Nintendo Switch to match 100 million units install base of the Wii console saying “The truth is we want to raise the installed base of Nintendo Switch up to the same level as Wii”.