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New Set of Features Added to Xbox One to Improve Your Games Library

Microsoft has added an important set of features to the Xbox One update that offers a new interface of filters to organize and prioritize your game-libraries. This update is currently available to alpha test groups who will scrutinize it for any bugs, improvements or fixes required.

The Xbox One update added these cool features like filtering out the games that offer 4K support or games that have the HDR feature enabled. So those people with their high-end TVs can test out a specific game in all its glory! Games in 4K will look more sharp, crisp and accurate. Games with HDR will look much vibrant, vivid with natural tones of color and contrast.

The idea behind the new Xbox One update is to prepare for the Xbox One X launch that is due this November. Xbox One X will support all of the Xbox One games but not all are enhanced with 4K visuals.

Some of the games include Dead Rising 4, Fallout 4, Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Halo 5, Killer Instinct and Ghost Recon Wildlands. The firmware update will help in filtering games specific to HDR, 4K support. Along with Xbox One games, Xbox 360 and Xbox original enhanced games are promised.

Gamers will get to easily choose and select the games to play based on the number of filtering options available. These options prove very useful when players want to test a particular game on a particular TV. On the other hand, backward compatible games will get an organized list like a folder to filter those who want to play the classics.

This update will be available for gamers later this year. Nothing specified by Microsoft yet. We’re hoping, soon. What do you think about the XBOX One update let us know in the comments section below.