New Gwent Social Features Revealed for Next Patch

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game remains in open beta and that means there are still various aspects in which it can be improved for a better experience.

The community has for long been requesting for social features that are currently missing from the game. In a new video today, lead programmer Jason Slama and community manager Marcin Momot sat down to give a preview of what is coming to Gwent with the next patch.

A “News” tab is being added to the main navigational menu of the client to help the developer communicate directly with the players. It will include announcements, patch notes, and links to the official social media channels. Players will also be able to stream ongoing competitive events directly from inside the client.

Next is an in-game notifications system that functions similar to a mailbox. Rather than opting for pop-ups that take space on the screen and prove to be annoying most of the times, players can access the notifications menu to browse through at their own leisure.

Gwent is finally receiving a profile menu as well. It is divided into two portions. The left side of the window functions as a personal banner for the player. It features a changeable premium card as a large avatar, the name, title, border, current rank, highest rank achieved, number of victories, and progress for the card collection. The right side of the window is for those who love numbers, showcasing the number of cards collected and victories obtained for each faction. It is still a work in progress, and the developer is asking the community for feedback on what else can be featured in the profile menu.

A friends list is also arriving for Gwent. Players will be able to send and receive match requests and messages, see the last five opponents, access profiles, and more.

Taking a page out of Hearthstone, the upcoming patch will introduce a “Starter Pack” for everyone. It will feature 10 kegs, 400 Meteorite Powder, and a guaranteed legendary card.