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Hearthstone and Overwatch Twitch Streams Can Now Be Filtered by Rank, Hero, and Mode

Twitch has improved its discovery feature for Hearthstone and Overwatch to help the audience find exactly what it is looking for.

A new filtering system has gone live on the platform for both games. In the case of Hearthstone; streams can be filtered by users according to the hero being played as well as the game mode, number of wins, and rank of the broadcaster. On the other hand, the filtering options for Overwatch allow users to comb through the hero and game mode being played.

“Streamers don’t have to do anything new to be included! Just go ahead and stream as usual — there’s no account linking or extra sign-up required,” reads the official announcement.

According to JT Gleason, director of integration success at Twitch, the new filtering feature is only available because of ClipMine. The learning-based video indexing platform was acquired by the company last year and is capable of translating visual information into metadata. In other words, it collects data from live gameplay and analyzes it for Twitch.

It goes without saying that Twitch will be utilizing the machine-learning technology for all of its premier content. In June, Blizzard and Twitch announced a new partnership that gives the streaming giant the license to be the sole broadcaster for “Blizzard esports content” for the next two years. We can surely expect Twitch to change the way we watch tournaments and other esports events in the future.